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Socio-Ergonomics is a design ethos, based on two key principles; our interconnection, and inclusivity. Our prime directive is to increase efficiency and improve quality of life for all!

Michaelangelo Creation of Adam

Both science and nature have proven our interconnection; that between us and our environment, to each-other, our bodies, our ecosystems, our planet, and our planet to our solar system. We are passengers aboard a living, breathing, spaceship;

 contributing through cause and effect, to its efficient operation and ultimately our own destiny on it. The constructs and supporting infrastructure we create shape the quality of life we experience.

Suspension Bridge in the forest

It is human nature that if someone is included they will contribute; and vice versa, if someone is excluded they either contribute less or not at all. The aim therefore is inclusivity, because if someone doesn’t contribute we all potentially lose out; what if the person who didn’t contribute, because they were excluded, had the solution to solve a major world problem, cure a disease, or write a novel that inspires millions for generations to come?

This perspective places human values at the center of our paradigm; making it the starting point guiding our deliverables. Whether developing new solutions, or working with existing infrastructure, the formula remains the same - the strategic sequencing of design elements to achieve our prime directive - increase efficiency and improve quality of life.

This is achieved in 3 phases. The first is the micro/macro audit stage, where we take a birds eye view of the big picture as well as all the little pixels and composites that give it its image, shape, color, feel, and form. Secondly, furnished with a clear and precise purpose, our prime directive, the data gathered from R&D is effortlessly collected, calculated, and classified to develop an action plan and deliverable specifications. Lastly, guided by our prime directive our action plan is implemented with checks, balances, and benchmarks to measure deliverable performance and progress.

Indoor Bonsai Tree

The bottom line remains at the bottom line; by finding resource efficient ways of putting people above the bottom line, we can achieve long term ROI.

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