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Project Walk: Paralysis Recovery Centers

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

I have been developing a series of Blog posts called “Rehab needs Rehab” where I discuss certain beefs I have with my health care system and providers. I have been in a wheelchair for quite some time now and ever so often you come across someone who’s been in this industry for as long as I have been in the chair or longer but they still don’t seem to get it. Those series are coming soon, but in keeping with the principles of the AXS WORLD brand we aim to highlight people and organizations who are getting accessibility right and encouraging those who aren’t to do better.

I want to launch the “Rehab needs Rehab” series that focusses on organizations who are doing rehab the right way. In doing some research I came across Project Walk and have heard great things about them. Project Walk has several locations across the US and offer different Recovery Program Options to suit your needs!

The Project Walk difference

Project Walk is unlike any other recovery program in the world. Clients from over 40 different countries travel to our locations each year to experience the difference. If it’s not Project Walk then it’s not recovery.

Find the Right Program For You

Project Walk offers recovery options for local and visiting clients. No matter what program a client chooses, our certified staff will create a customized prescription that meets the individual’s exact needs.

Project Walk has locations from west coast to the east cost to provide accessible treatment options throughout the United States. For more details visit Project Walk

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