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NVRGIV UP: All About That Bass Part 2

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

....Atlanta, really the whole state of Georgia moves to the rhythm of its popular culture/ the current of its mainstream; its style, language… culture, is driven by the vibration of the sound. The global mainstream is heavily saturated with hip hop, and hip hop is governed by much of the sound that comes out of Atlanta. From a mainstream music perspective this makes Atlanta the place to be… or not. There’s a wild series on Vice that gives an in-depth look at the culture, check it out.

I’m not a preacher or a politician so I won’t go too far down the rabbit hole, but you see how, along with other factors of course, the emergence of that industry, and the opportunity it could possibly provide has created the atmosphere it has. For my shows I do a mix of art, poetry and music, so at the booth I pulled out my Native Instrument beat maschine and started making a beat right there in mall. The theory was I would guide them over to my booth with my sound like the pied piper. It didn’t quite go as planned, instead 7 out of 10 people who came to the booth wanted to buy beats, and could care less about the art work. I love my people, so I had a great time and sparked up some great conversations with the visitors to my booth. I also met some really interesting characters to say the least.


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