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NVRGIV UP: Southern Bread Part 1

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

Our A3C event in East Atlanta Village was a new age, truly authentic southern experience. On my first visit, I met a Caucasian brother (the only reason I mention Caucasian is because, some might assume when I say brother I mean a black guy) who clearly had a long night…. he was leaving the bar at 10:30am… I could tell he was intoxicated but in a cheerful mood so I wasn’t threatened. He said something to me as he passed, but I couldn’t make it out. So I said “excuse me”. He gave me this smug Cheshire Cat grin, even tilted his neck. His girlfriend who followed him out, now with her arm around his waist to prop him up, rolled her eyes like she knew what was coming…… be continued

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