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NVRGIV UP: All About That Bass Part1

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

I’ve heard different ideas on how the “mainstream” works. The best description I’ve heard is this: the center of the stream has the strongest current, so it’s where we put majority of our focus; the closer you are to centre stage in the mainstream the more popular you are. When you become part of the mainstream you are a part of popular culture. Until you become part of the mainstream, you’re considered underground… meaning you’re there, but you’re kind of on the side lines, the shore, the dredges.. until the current picks you up. So really the dredges is where the funks at! That said, we didn’t want to do the usual for the tour… We wanted to make sure that we popped up at the city’s more vibrant, fresher, greener hot spots and sights to see. The city of Stonecrest is one of Georgia’s newly incorporated cities. The mall at Stonecrest… what can I say??!

It’s where the funks at! Its also where we did a three day pop-up… be continued

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