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Coolest and Hottest Wheelchair Accessible Resort in Orlando, FL Part 1

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

I spent an amazing week at the Wyndham Orlando Resort on International Drive. A newly renovated site, its a

mid-size resort on a huge property. Stunning garden areas and pathways surrounded by lush greenery. Charming, very helpful, easy to locate, pleasant and friendly staff; guest services is on point! It’s December and the weather is still beautiful. Something about the sun motivates me to do more, so I actually got down to the gym. There’s an onsite attendant available to assist 6am to 11pm; so with a bit of help (if needed) there are two semi adaptable machines that you can get a good 40 minute work out in. Only thing missing is a set of parallel bars and an ExNFlex! Heated swimming pools and a jacuzzi all fitted with an assistive lift. After a swim when that hunger hits I can make my way across to the Gatorville Restaurant, for a bite to eat 24/7; good mix of high end pub fare you can enjoy onsite with a cold one; or even better have it brought to your room… be continued

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