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AXS Full Spectrum brief:

In line with Ikea’s values like togetherness, leading by example, and cost effectiveness, along with their vision “to create a better everyday life for the many people” we’ve taken a socio-ergonomical approach to finding ways for Ikea Canada to increase their Cumulative Inclusivity Imprint to not only stay compliant, but well ahead of the curve.



As part of their dedication to Inclusivity and Access For Everyone IKEA Canada is working with industry leaders to develop and implement in-house initiatives that enhance the quality of life for our customers with special needs.

today 2023

A future glimpse into all of the amazing work IKEA is doing to improve the customer experience for everyone.



Ikea U? Ikea rolls out new curriculum at OCAD

Getting to Ikea just got easier; Look for the Yellow and blue at a station near you.


   In line with Ikea’s mission and vision, Ikea Canada and OCAD University unveil a new design curriculum focussed on Inclusivity. The new courses will be offered to a range of design disciplines in undergrad and post degree design programs.  In a response to the statistics on aging and disability that indicate new “age in place” trends on the horizon with many early boomers already opting for at home solutions; as well new federal legislation on the horizon, the increase of awareness, and improvements in global inclusivity, Ikea Canada and OCAD U are again leading the charge. The new curriculum offers students a myriad of niche accessibility industry fields of study to choose from and branch into.

For instance Graphic Design students will get the opportunity to develop signage, while Environmental design students come up with easy and efficient Way finding solutions for navigating customers through stores. Industrial Design students develop product and service concepts all with the opportunity of real application offered in Ikea stores. Students can also take part in cross disciplinary collaborations through course competitions and design challenges. The partnership up for renewal in five years is a “win win for everyone!” Says Mike Monize, one of the consult project coordinators who has a disability goes on to say “The value to the community is unprecedented”.

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Student’s get real life experience and the opportunity to effect real change in the world, offering real life solutions to real life challenges faced by people living with physical disabilities. The shared IP ensures that Ikea is not only in line with compliance regulation, but is at the cutting edge of industry transformation and leading the charge amongst other retail industry giants for years to come.

Ikea launches a series of handy life hacks

With further commitment to their vision and values Ikea Canada introduces, in partnership with March of Dimes Canada; a new site for Ikea customers, featuring a series of adaptive devices to offer customers with special needs better access to the full catalogue of their products. The devices don’t just make the world more accessible, they are actually very easy to access themselves. 

In fact, all of the devices are designed in CAD to be printed by 3D printers made available either in store, at your nearest community 3D printer, or even in the comfort of your own home. In addition to the Ikeables adaptive series, Ikea is also releasing a handy online catalogue containing all of Ikea’s AXS approved products. 

As seen on brought to you by ikea israel


The overall Ikea shopping experience is an integral part of the brand; from making your way through the staged living space displays, their market place, cafeteria/ restaurant, and product pick up, to their kids area. The brand just wouldn't be the same without these iconic features. So

after having to shift operations overnight to accommodate for the influx of online orders, transitioning back to a pre-pandemic model with these beloved elements fully operational has been a challenge for the retail giant. Ikea has taken a number of steps in an attempt to get customers back into stores for the full Ikea shopping experience. In one such step, Ikea unveiled their new fleet of fully Accessible Shuttles; as well a new location schedule and listing of where and when you can get to and from your favorite Ikea store location.

Introducing Ikea’s New All Access Membership Program


enjoy new accessible dining spaces in the ikea cafe!

post covid 

enjoy new accessible dining spaces in the ikea cafe!

In addition to ensuring that ALL customers can get to their favorite location, Ikea Canada has gone a further metaphorical mile by revamping their membership program for people living with physical disabilities with a number of features to make the shopping experience that much more accessible. Now customers can get to and from Ikea with greater ease, and easily have their products delivered and installed through the new All AXS Membership. Ikea club members with a valid accessibility parking permit, can now qualify for Ikea’s All Access Membership program. This exclusive/ Inclusive memberships give members all of the same amazing features as a standard club members with some added value… like free consults and savings on installation, contract work. Free delivery.

The catalogue features curated products selected and rated by a UHN research design team. Work on this project is set to begin in Q4 2023, and launch with an online version the following year and for print publication in 2025.

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