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We invite you to share your "Never Give Up" Story


#ResilientOnes Campaign

The #ResilientOnes Campaign aims to raise awareness on living with a disability. 

What advice would you give someone who is going through similar challenges? We’d love to hear why you Never Gave Up story.

Tell us what it was, that thing that mattered enough that gave you the drive to continue to fight through and helped you decide to live the life you are living now. 

How it works


Submit your story

Share your inspiring story with us; tell us about your experiences and more!


Story In Review

We will review every entry and select ones that speak to the campaign.


You get Recognized

Your story will be published on publications from around the world!

*There is no limited amount of entries that get selected. We hope to spread as many amazing stories as we can. 


“I was in full survival mode, and I knew that in order to survive I had to stay positive.”

- Sebastian L. Buffington


File format: doc, docx, rtf 

Your “Never Give Up” Story. (1000 words max) Include City and Country you are from.


You can shoot a video and tell us your story. Express through storytelling or snapshots of what you'd like to share. 

Video: 1080p, 3min max  (File size: 3GB File format: mp4, mov) 

  • 3-5 photos  (High resolution, file format jpeg or png) 

  • Social media links, website 

  • Any other links you would like to share

Please note:

*Your story will be published in print and digital format on a number of our partner publications across the world. 

*If you have an upcoming event, product or service on a specific date you’d like to promote, please let us know and we will try our best to ensure release dates coincide. Entries will be spread out over the duration of the campaign to maximize contributor exposure. 

NVRGIV^ Campaign is ongoing*

Share Your Story

*We recommend you use your desktop computer or tablet when submitting your story*   


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