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Giving you access for your accessibility needs

Our Story

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Our Vision

We aim to eliminate the day-to-day
obstacles of people with disability and provide them with invaluable resources and services that solve their everyday needs and wants.

Our Platforms

#AXS Everyone

#AXS Everyone is a lifestyle hub of the platform where you can connect with others locally and globally.  There will be a Membership Rewards Program, Contests, and many more coming soon. 

#AXS Everywhere

#AXS Everywhere is a directory of places around the city - indicating how accessible the place is. With #AXS Everywhere you can.....

#AXS Everything

#AXS-Everything is the one-stop-shop for everyone with a disability to find practical products and services that will suit your individual needs and improve your quality of life.

Our Full Spectrum

As consultants, we are leaders in accessibility and disability innovations that will encompass state of the art design and technology solutions to solve the issues of accessibility and disability-friendly environment.


Prospective clients for our consultancy unit will include the public sector, private businesses, as well as individuals who seek solutions to accessibility....

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