About Us

At AXS World we pride ourselves on being a multi-faceted full spectrum universal accessibility consultancy for people with disabilities and the ageing population.

Our driving directive is to help you serve and put the experience of all of your core constituency at the forefront of your deliverables.

We work with a network of certified industry professionals to ensure we find you the right fit


Business is Business, so the bottom line is the bottom line; however, right above the bottom line is the needs and wants of the people you serve.

We operate with discretion to develop and deliver solutions for compliance with all applicable accessibility laws, codes and standards.

“Problems are simply opportunities for new innovation”
- unknown.

In the 9-5 working world, our disabilities are often viewed as a disadvantage; this couldn’t be further from the truth.
In reality, surviving and thriving in a world that is constantly throwing challenges at you gives you resiliency and proclivity to problem-solving and getting results.In fact, the skillset someone gains from having a disability gives us a unique perspective that makes us a tremendous asset to any project.

All of our accessibility professionals either have first-hand knowledge of the lived experience with physical disability/challenges or have 10years+ as a caregiver or health care provider for someone with a disability. This gives all of our client's key insight into eliminating existing barriers.

We find what others miss!


Our Approach


We take the Socio-Ergonomics approach to finding solutions

With the belief that if someone feels excluded they contribute less if at all; that someone could have the cure to a disease or a solution to a problem we all have; essentially we all lose out on the potential value this person has to offer.

Derived from an ethos of inclusivity Socio-Ergonomics is a design methodology that begins with an acknowledgement and understanding of our interconnection with each other and the world around us; An acknowledgement/appreciation and respect of difference and commitment to produce effects that foster life for all. 

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